Scientific benefits


  • Bioprospecting of plants, marine organisms and actinobacteria from less explored ecosystems leading to the discovery of New Chemical Entities (NCEs).
  • Biorepository of actinobacterial cultures generated will be a constant source for other applications like nanoparticle biosynthesis, enzyme synthesis and for bioremediation applications.
  • Libraries of crude extracts and purified compounds will be generated from actinobacteria, plants and marine organisms for anti TB and anti HIV drug discovery. This venture may also contribute for screening other biological activities such as anticancer, anti-diabetic, immunomodulatory etc.,
  • Research guidance for Post graduates, Ph.D., and post-doctoral fellows.
  • Conducting conferences, workshops and training programs to disseminate the knowledge of natural product drug discovery.
  • Scientific publications
  • Patents for NCEs including novel anti-TB and anti-HIV molecules invented.
  • This drug discovery centre will act as central facility for other Universities, colleges and research centres in the country to screen natural resources and synthetic compounds for anti TB and anti HIV active molecules on payment basis. This may be the first centre in our country in this regard.

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