• Microbial repository from less/unexplored ecosystems
  • Development of plant extract library
  • Development of actinobacterial extract library
  • Bioprocess development
  • Polyphasic microbial taxonomy


Medicinal chemistry

  • Isolation and characterization of new chemical entities (NCEs)
  • Metabolite profiling and dereplication
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Bioprocess development
  • Structure determination of the purified small molecules by NMR, X-ray crystallography and other biophysical and biochemical characterization



  • Anti TB screening
  • Anti-viral (HIV, HSV, HBV and Dengue) screening
  • Anti-cancer assay
  • Cytotoxicity testing


Proteomics and genomics

  • Molecular cloning and recombinant DNA technology
  • Phylogenetic analysis
  • Drug target identification
  • Peptide and Protein engineering
  • Infectious diseases diagnostics development
  • Computer aided drug design (CADD)

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